Orange Thread

My Stitch Kit from Speak Your Silence came in the mail, yesterday. I made myself wait until I was alone today.


This morning, midst undone dishes, muddy floors (dogs + yesterday’s rain = muddy floors) and a pretty nasty headache, I turned on I Am Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave, and threaded the needle.


I decided the second I saw The Stitch online, that when mine came, I would make it fourteen stitches long. Each stitch would stand for one year of my childhood that I survived being sexually abused.


As I stitched I thanked God for giving me this life…and a voice.

Over the years, I’ve shared my story with those close to me. Last October, after having been filmed telling my story on the steps of my childhood home, it was shared with my entire church family on a Sunday morning. Due to a demand, it was shown again, two weeks later.

Three weeks ago, it was shown again at another local church. Another church has asked for it.

I don’t have a record of how many phone calls, texts, emails, FB messages, and face-to-face conversations I’ve had with men and women who are dying inside, and have thought they were alone.

I have known since I was fourteen, that someday this would happen. I didn’t know when, where, how…now I know that it is for such a time as this.

I’m speaking my silence and sharing my story, because it is by doing this that we offer others hope. It is by doing this, that we assure another person, that they are not alone in their pain. It is by speaking our silence, that we remove the secrets and shame, and shine God’s light into the dark.
It is in silence and isolation that the devil can cause havoc. When we bring the pain up into the light of Jesus, healing happens.


The organization, Speak Your Silence, founded locally by Matt Pipkin, is on a mission to move the issue of childhood sexual abuse from taboo to a cause people love and support. I am joining forces, and with each Stitch Kit sold, the proceeds are going to offer professional counseling to anyone who needs it.

You can go online to or find them on Facebook


“I called on your name, Lordfrom the depths of the pit. You heard my plea: “Do not close your ears to my cry for relief.” You came near when I called you, and you said, “Do not fear.” You, Lord, took up my case; you redeemed my life.”
Lamentations 3:55-58


2 thoughts on “Orange Thread

  1. Your words touched my heart. You are a stranger to me but I cry for you. I’m so heartbroken for the pain you endured. I’m positive you felt so alone and scared but I want you to know if I had known what you were going through I would have stopped it and kicked your abuser’s ass. You remind me if Joseph in the OT. What his family did to him and everything he endured after that. But he said to them, you meant to harm me, but The Lord used it for good. Thank you for your blog, your video, your story, and your unselfish and courageous sharing if it all. You rock at life.

  2. Beautiful, I believe the Lord is watching over all of us. Healing the wounds of innocents taken unfairly, and showing us that we are worthy of His love and Grace. Stand with us and Speak Your Silence. God loves you with no Condemnation. (Romans 8:1)

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