Please Pass The Potato Salad

It’s Summer in Idaho. With Summer comes Picnics. With Picnics comes Potato Salad.

I make a lot of potato salad. I’m getting weary of making potato salad!


If you think I’m being melodramatic, believe what you will, but it’s a fact. My potato salad has earned it’s way into The Potato Salad Hall of Fame, but that means every picnic or party I’m invited to, it’s expected that I’ll bring a big bowl of smashed goodness. I’ve wondered if that is the reason I’m invited in the first place…..hmmm.
Last Summer, I made potato salad for 300 people. Last month I made it for 150 people.
That’s a lot of potato salad!

I’ve shared the recipe with hundreds-literally. This week alone, with the Fourth of July approaching, I’ve had quite a lot of requests for the recipe.

This recipe is not a secret. I have absolutely no desire to make enough potato salad for all of humanity, so that being said, I give you:

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

(Warning: In the kitchen, I have a tendency to dump and pour…a smidge here, and a little there. All amounts are approximate.)

5#   Red Potatoes-skin on, cooked, mashed lightly

5      Hard Boiled Eggs-mashed

1 1/2 cups Cheddar Cheese-grated

1 c. Bacon-cooked & crumbled

1 c. Dill Pickles-cut into small chunks.

1/2 c. Onions- cut into small chunks and lightly saute’d.

1 1/2-2 c. Best Foods Mayo-more if needed 

Splash of Dill Pickle Juice

Salt & Pepper

Mix all together, sprinkle more cheese on top. Enjoy!

A few things one must know if they wish to attain the flavor of my potato salad:

1. I never, never add raw onions….never!
2. I never add celery….for any reason!
3. I never use mustard. If I did, I have people who would disown me.
4. I never use sweet pickles or relish….never in a million years!
5. I never use Miracle Whip. To do so, would be un-American!

If you chose to add any of the above ingredients, someone will knock on your door, and your license to make potato salad, will be swiftly revoked.

Happy Independence Day!!


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