Autumn’s Grace Four: Kind Humans

The story showed up on my newsfeed yesterday. The story of a woman’s body that had been found floating in the Snake River, near Twin Falls, earlier in September…no one has identified her, or claimed her body. They will lay her to rest, on Tuesday. The Coroner speculates that she was in her early forties.

I leaned on my kitchen counter, thinking about living forty years of life, to have it end, and have no one, not one single individual on this planet, say “She’s mine.” or “I remember her.”

But then I read the comments to the story.
To my amazement, nearly every single comment was kind. Humans showing regard to a woman who no longer lives. Quite a few said they would attend her burial. Many lamented how tragic it would be to not matter to anyone. Some wondered what kind of pain she might have endured in her life.

I found it refreshing to read such kind words. Although these words have come a little too late to make a difference for this woman, it’s a good reminder that we each carry the power to use our words to speak life.
You could be the difference for someone today!

Kind words


One thought on “Autumn’s Grace Four: Kind Humans

  1. Oh, that is sad and tragic news. Yet as you yourself share- even the beauty and power of hearts extended out touching others in their choice of response. I think in these ways, we too, never know how God is using us- who hears or sees, who watches our words and deeds while we are unaware. Beautiful share.

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