Autumn’s Grace Eight: Crazy Friend & Purple Shag Carpet

It’s what I get for opening up and allowing six of my friends to choose what I write about for six days. My normal friends chose normal things like: Popcorn, Fishing, Pie, Tea….and then my most un-normal friend, Renee, chose: Purple Shag Carpet.

That’s right.
I know it was her attempt to cause me to write about something odd and unusual. I’m not into shag carpet, and I’m really not into purple shag carpet. She knows these things!

So, I’m going to beat her at her own game, and blog about the comparisons between crazy friends (her) and purple shag carpet.

To begin, let me introduce you to my friend, Renee:


Ooops, wrong picture. This is my friend, Renee:


This is purple shag carpet:


Do you see the similarities? No?

Purple Shag Carpet is:

  • Purple
  • Deep
  • Loud
  • Unique
  • Feet Friendly
  • Curly

My Crazy Friend Renee reminds me of Purple Shag Carpet in many of the same ways.

Renee is not purple, she is Caucasian. Yet purple is the color of Royalty, and she is most assuredly Queen of her castle!

Renee is deep. This is truth. Some of her friends call her a “Deep Well”. She seeks after knowledge and give wise advice. She is not wishy-washy or shallow. She is passionate about God’s love and truth. Deep is one characteristic that I would use for her all day, every day!

Renee is loud. She won’t hate me for this. In fact, she will agree with this one more than the others. She has raised three boys to manhood, and is married to…a man. In order for the Queen to be heard, she must be loud! It’s her strength.

Unique….yes. Most definitely! Not many people would ever admit to taking the life of the family cat (purely by accident) in the dryer.

Renee’s feet….no comment. (I am not fond of anyone’s feet. So I can’t speak to the friendliness of hers.)

As demonstrated above, Renee’s curly hair has similarities to shag carpet (and sheep). It’s all natural, and the one thing I openly envy about her!

In all seriousness, this crazy friend of mine, has become more than a friend. She is my sister, cheerleader, and mentor. She speaks truth over my life, prays for me, and reminds me to laugh at the days to come. I’ve come to understand, that God intended for our paths to cross, for such a time as this. I wouldn’t trade her for the world…especially not for purple shag carpet!


One thought on “Autumn’s Grace Eight: Crazy Friend & Purple Shag Carpet

  1. I knew it! I knew you would blog about me and that it would make me simultaneously laugh and cry… I do not deserve to have a blog written all about me and I do not deserve a friend who would make me feel so special.. but apparently God decided to grace me with YOU anyway….

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