Autumn’s Grace Eleven – Fourteen: Gimme A Break!

We all know the jingle to the Kit Kat Candy Bar Commercial!

“Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!”


Early this morning, realizing that I’m four days behind in my writing challenge, and contemplating if I would continue to write, or throw in the towel, I thought about how much I needed to keep going. I also see how desperately I need to give myself a break, when I don’t meet my own expectations.

I really love to write. I do this mostly because  it keeps me from being hospitalized for insanity is therapeutic for me. I feel like I have a few things to say, but I also process through life, by writing about my ordeals and experiences. The fact that anyone relates or responds to anything I say, is an added bonus.

If I can’t be kind to myself, and admit that getting behind just sometimes happens, than I have issues (no comment).

With that stated, I am going to count this tiny little post as four days worth of blogging. I know that’s pathetic, but I’m actually hoping that someone will read this, and find encouragement for their own “thing”.

If your a day late and a dollar short, give yourself a break.
If you planned to do better or be better…step back and exhale, because you are enough.
If you have missed a deadline, and you’re tempted to give up, draw a line in the sand, and start over.

If you are anywhere near a candy counter, for goodness gracious, buy yourself a Kit Kat bar!


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