Autumn’s Grace Seventeen: When Knees Are Feeble and Hearts Are Anxious

We all know them. We see them.

The Stumbling, the Weak, the Fearful, the Rejected….

What do we do about them?

I sometimes find myself sitting across tables, or on couches with those who are fearful and exhausted. Life has dealt them a hard blow. Injustice has been done. Pain has been inflicted. People have been mean. Most are filled with anxiety, and there is a glaring lack of joy.
Maybe as you read this, you are identifying with that crowd. Life hurts. It hurts all the more, when we go at it alone.

There are so many who are just that…alone.

Isaiah 35: 3-4 says…..Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees. Say to those who have an anxious heart, “Be strong; fear not!”

I recently read a quote that grabbed me….

It doesn’t take hardly two seconds to find someone around us who is dying on the inside. We go to school and church with them. We work with them. We stand in lines with them. We even sometimes live with them. They are in a crowd, yet all alone.

What would it mean for them to have someone come alongside and say, “I’m going that direction, I’ll walk with you.”

Isn’t that the point? We are all going home. Why wouldn’t we walk together?

As I stood at my kitchen sink this morning, thinking about a recent encounter with a friend who is hurting, I had the thought that I wish life didn’t hurt so much for them. I have some friends that are going through the fight of their lives, and except for a miracle, there isn’t much hope. I know of others who are suffering in countless ways. I know some who have been deeply rejected. I want to do something….and I can. I can walk with them. I can point them in the direction of Jesus. I can speak hope and words of encouragement.

As we walk together, we can point out the ruts to avoid or a boulder to walk around. We can take hands and pull them up steep trails. We can speak encouragement when storms come. We can celebrate with joy when the sun shines again. We can lead them to quiet places of rest, and offer cups of cold water.

Walking together, doesn’t mean the road will never be rough, it just means that we aren’t alone. It means when your hands are weak, your knees are feeble, or your heart is anxious, I can say, “Be strong. Fear not!”…WE will get through this.

“Jesus, open my eyes today, to anyone walking alone.”


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