Autumn’s Grace Eighteen & Nineteen: At the Table

This morning thirty one women gathered around tables with me, in the Fireside Room. We are in the process of trading the chaos of how we feel, for the truth of who we are.
We are beloved. We are redeemed. We are not identified by our storms of shame, disappointment, fear, regret….

For me, the beauty of this experience is in the togetherness at the tables.
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Anyone who knows me well, knows how passionate I feel about women doing life together. Through my personal life experiences, for years, the enemy kept me alone and isolated in my shame. When I opened my heart to do life with others, I began to discover that I was not alone. That fact changed my life!

This morning, as the women began to gather around tables, I felt God stilling me, and for a few moments, I caught a glimpse of this grace, in action.

We are women coming together; each one with different stories. We gather as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, friends…some are widows; divorced; single, and some are newlyweds. A few have ongoing physical issues, and many are carrying deep emotional pain. Some have been carrying the weight of pain for years, and still some have the hardest days ahead.

The prevailing common denominator is that life is difficult for all of us, for different reasons, and in countless different ways. The grace is that we don’t have to do it alone.

Later on today, I encountered a women who is in the darkest night of her life. She feels alone, and hope seems completely out of reach. After talking to God with her, I invited her to come next week, and find her place at a table. She plans to come.

Each woman coming with her story, finding space and grace around a table of others, like her. Finding that she is not alone. Finding hope to stand and keep going for another week. Finding Christ at the table.

The ministry at the table…the gathering, the nurturing…I like this. More to come.


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